Pay and Allowances


Being a foster carer is a full-time career and is classed as being self-employed therefore it is important that as a carer you are paid a fee to not only provide for the child in your care but also includes a fee for the carer. The fee you receive depends on the age of the child you foster but typically you will be looking at earning in the region of 22,000 a year tax free.  The child allowance is to help towards the costs of looking after children and covers food, clothing, board, personal care, and transport. You will be given clear guidance on how to spend the money for each child. The allowance will also cover Holiday, savings, pocket money and birthday and festival celebrations.  Placement allowances may differ due to the complex needs of the child or any extra support the child or carers may need. For example, you may take a solo placement of a child which requires extra support or a mother and baby placement that requires you to offer a more skilled placement.

We also provide addition fee to cover the cost of 14 days respite. However, many of our carers like to use family members or their support carers for this. At Hope we do encourage that you do take child in your care on holiday however we also appreciate that a little R&R time is sometimes needed to help recharge the batteries.


As a foster carer you will need to register as self-employed with the HMRC and complete a tax return each year.   This means that you will receive no deductions for national insurance or tax. We are always at hand to provide training to help you or to find out more clink the link to the HMR website