A Form F assessment is the next stage. This is where a qualified social worker will complete a report called a form F and guide you through kills to foster training, so you are prepared for Fostering. All our assessors are experienced and trained to support you through the assessment process. This process will take 6months to complete.

The Assessor will work with you and your family to create your Form F together. You will build a relationship with them as they discuss your family life and background and who you all are as individuals. They will ask you about your children if you have them, previous jobs and your relationship with your family and how you’ll fit in to fostering.

It can be a nerve-racking time opening up about yourselves to a stranger and there may be some conversations that bring up past experiences that you may feel uncomfortable talking about. However, all our Form F assessors are warm and friendly and are there to guide you through fostering whilst getting to know you in a more informal way. At Hope fostering we see your past experiences as positive attributes that you have when it comes to resilience and how you can manage under pressure, stress and challenges that effect your day to day living. These are great skills to have as a foster carer. We ask you to be as honest as possible with us, and if you have anxieties, we are happy to talk them through with you.

Throughout the assessment you will be asked to complete training modules such as safeguarding, health and safety, silks to foster. Your assessor will discuss the outcomes from each module with you through the process. We ask all new carers to complete this training to help prepare them for fostering and for the safety of both carer and looked after child.