What we offer to all our carers:

  • The potential to recieve up to £425 per week, per child
  • 24 hour support 365 days a year
  • Social worker who visits a minimum of fortnightly.
  • There is office cover within office hours at all times.
  • If a foster parent has had an allegation made against them, Hope Fostering Service can arrange support from an Independent Mediation Worker. We have also provided counselling for carers through an independent counselling agency.
  • Regular support group meetings are available for carers and for their children
  • Therapists are available to provide expert guidance and support to foster parents of children and young people who are experiencing serious emotional difficulties
  • A Foster Carer Handbook is made available to each family
  • All carers are members of Foster Talk and receive appropriate independent services
  • The agency carefully matches all placements which leads to placement suitability and stability
  • All information known about the child, prior to placement, is given to the carers
  • Fun-Days (Picnics, Christmas Parties) are arranged for carers and children