May’s story

May is an African-Caribbean foster parent who has been fostering for 3 years. She has the following to say about her experience.

“I used to work in a children residential home for teenage girls. Many of them wished they could be part of a family and working with these girls made me feel that I could do the same job but at home.

My own children had all grown and left which gave me the space, time, and energy to provide care for someone who needed it. My family supported my idea of fostering and I decided to act upon my thoughts and feelings and apply to become a foster parent. I am totally glad that I did. I contacted a few fostering agencies and came across Hope Fostering on the internet.

I was inspired to apply to Hope Fostering by the name. I contacted Hope Fostering by telephone and a friendly voice greeted me on the other end. She answered all my questions and fears. Within a couple of days an information pack arrived and after reading this and meeting with someone from Hope I decided to apply.

After a few months I was approved as a foster parent. I enjoy the training Hope offers, the friendliness of the staff and meeting all the other carers. Fostering can be very challenging and stressful but it can also be fun and very rewarding. When a child who has very low self esteem tells me that they feel safe and secure in my home, when I see them enjoying activities in the community to help develop their self confidence and help them form friendships I know I have made the right choice.

It gives me pleasure and joy to see a young person shine. When they happy they shine and when they shine I feel proud that I have contributed to that happiness within the child.”


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